Most likely this is happening because you don't have sufficient rights on your machine.


Solution 1: Run the application as an administrator.


  • Use the windows explorer to navigate to C:\program files\HIPAAsuite\HIPAA_ProductName\HIPAA_ProductName.exe

    • NOTE: you would replace "_ProductName" with your actual product.

  • Right click the executable and click on "Run As Administrator". 

  • Follow the same steps to activate the key. Be sure to choose “Activate my License Online”


Solution 2: Even administrators do not have sufficient rights to write to Windows. 


  • Log out of the machine and have the Administrator of the local machine log in. 

    • NOTE: Not someone with rights, but the actual Administrator. You may need your company’s network support to do this. 

  • The Administrator can enter in the key and follow the activation steps.

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  • Single User

    • Get one license at its regular price.


  • Multiple Users

    • Get the first license at regular price.

    • 60% off - licenses 2-4

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  • Site License  

    • Get unlimited licenses/installs at 4X the price of a single license.

Publish modules to the "offcanvs" position.