Monitor Claim Data Insights in Real Time

Track claim status, denials, billed amounts, paid amounts, deductions, patient responsibility and more with our intuitive HIPAA Dashboard.


We believe there are multiple opportunities to improve healthcare processing and financial management when data is analyzed in Real Time. HIPAA Dashboard enables users to leverage Real Time data visualization, monitor vital aspects of their organization and get actionable insights.

Access key claim & claim payment metrics and graphs including:

  • Claim status analysis
  • Total claim and claim amount based on multiple parameters
  • Eliminating claim duplications and reducing claim groups
  • Claim payout versus denied claims
  • Procedures and diagnosis pricing reconciliation
  • Average cost per procedure and diagnosis
  • Assured amount by policy type
  • Trading partner statistics
  • Daily, weekly, monthly trends
  • Unpaid claim aging reports by payer
  • Payment analysis
  • Claim payment history tracking
  • Patient history tracking


  • File level reporting with send/receive trackers
  • Claim level and claim payments reporting
  • Claim and claim payments reconciliation (on the claim level down to the procedures level)
  • Joining claims and claim payments
  • Find, filter, group, join, and sort data by fields including but not limited to date, claim status, policy type or amount
  • Supports multiple hosting models (Kestrel and IIS) with a role based authentication and authorization system

Visualize, analyze, and identify trends and opportunities within your healthcare data with HIPAA Dashboard to make strategic business decisions.


HIPAA Dashboard registers all incoming/outgoing files and log errors and acknowledgements providing the user with live notifications and a variety of charts and visualizations of this data including:

  • Total number of incoming files; (daily, monthly, yearly).
  • Trading Partner information.
  • Type of transaction (claims, claim payments and/or enrollments)
  • Errors found in the file


The 837 transaction is one of the most valuable sources of data for healthcare companies. It contains unique medical codes detailing the care administered during a patient visit. The medical codes describe any service that a provider used to render care, including detailed diagnosis, procedure information, and the amount charged for the services performed. Analyzing this data and offering statistical overview is essential to run an efficient enterprise.

This module provides claim data such as:

  • Comparison of the amounts charged per provider for the same diagnosis.
  • Heatmap of patient's location.
  • Comparison of the amounts charged per provider for the same diagnosis.


For healthcare providers, improving payment turnaround time is crucial to their business. They must be able to analyze what has been paid, and more importantly what hasn’t been paid. HIPAA Dashboard analyzes all 837 claim files and all 835 payment files looking for matches. It disregards duplicate claims to focus on paid amounts, deductions, and can also track multiple payments by multiple payers.

This module provides key metrics such as:

  • Analyze Paid Claims
Claim Payment 835

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Handle Payment with the HIPAA Claim Payment Master. HIPAA Claim Payment Master brings you to the next level:

  • Create 835 payment advice transactions
  • Pay your claims with ACH
  • View and understand 835 EDI files
  • Export and save 835 EDI files
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