EDI Editor

EDI Editor

Efficiently work with EDI files.

If you are tired of looking at EDI files in Notepad, our HIPAA EDI Editor is for you. Stop having to manually inject carriage returns and scan through lines of code for particular data. It supports line numbering, color coding, editing, find & replace and has an easy navigation pane!


If you have to look at EDI files, you will know how hard it is to make sense of them. They are made for computers and unfortunately you’ve been tasked with the job to work with the raw files. There aren’t many good EDI editor tools available. We at HIPAAsuite know the problem all too well and decided to develop our own HIPAA EDI Editor. It imports these complex raw files and displays the data in a clear and readable format just the way we always wanted. It has:

  • Breaks up data into one segment per line
  • Line numbering
  • Color coding of segments
  • Find and replace
  • Copy, cut and paste

The HIPAA EDI Editor is included in all our products. By popular demand we decided to make it available as a standalone product for anyone who only needs to work with raw EDI files. We offer it at a price that’s affordable.

Our HIPAA EDI Editor will format raw EDI files and give each segment a line. The segment identifiers are color coded for readability. It has a navigation pane with nodes for each claim, enrollment, payment or other HIPAA record which makes it easy to find your way through a long file.

HIPAA 999 Master

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HIPAA 999 Master

Our HIPAA 999 Master is the perfect tool to help you understand the coded messages within the 999 files. Don’t waste time decoding these files and start working on the issues. It exports your 999 Functional Acknowledgement files into any database and archive your history.
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