HIPAA Compliance Editor

HIPAA Compliance Editor

Check Your EDI Files for Compliance.

View, validate, and edit EDI files in a readable format with our HIPAA Compliance Editor, the most efficient EDI editor and validation tool created for the healthcare industry. Identify errors in your EDI file with a visual highlight to ensure data is compliant and avoid compliance issues.


Compliance with HIPAA rules is essential in the exchange of EDI files. EDI standards are strict and precise; adherence to these standards is important so that any healthcare entity can work with them regardless of their backend system software. Maintaining ongoing compliance with these mandates and eliminating trading partner complaints can still be an operational challenge in the healthcare industry.

To overcome this challenge, we developed an EDI viewer that not only displays raw EDI data in a readable format, but also checks EDI files for compliance, highlights any errors found, and allows you to fix them right away in the Editor.

Features included:

  • Checks EDI files for HIPAA compliance.
  • Displays raw EDI data in a readable color-coded format.
  • Highlights errors in the EDI file.
  • Gives detailed error descriptions.
  • Generates error reports in a variety of formats.
  • Allows file editing and refreshing results.
  • Automated and manual processing.
  • Supports HIPAA SNIP validation levels 1 through 4.
  • Sorts EDI files into good and bad, compliant and non-compliant.

HIPAA EDI validation ensures more accurate EDI translation and a more robust automated process by detecting EDI files with compliance issues that could break the translation process.

Our HIPAA Compliance Editor was built to help businesses like yours avoid compliance issues. Download a free trial today!

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