HIPAA Claim Attachment Master

HIPAA Claim Attachment Master

Send and Receive EDI Attachments in a Standard way.

  • Send and receive electronic claim attachments.
  • Combine attachments into one transaction.
  • Communicate patient information in a HIPAA Compliant way.
  • Keep track of your attachments.
  • Streamline your workflow.
  • Eliminate paper copies.


Payers often require supporting documentation before approving a claim. Significant time and effort is consumed on the provider’s side to collect, print and mail or fax the information to the payer and then on the payer’s side to receive, scan and process the information prior to adjudication. Paper-based transactions are slow, inefficient, and bog down the revenue cycle. Paper transactions are easily lost in transit and are difficult to track. The 275 HIPAA Claim Attachment Master software eliminates this problem.

  • Payers can now receive 275 transactions and the HIPAA Claim Attachment Master will extract the payload from the file while keeping track of all the data in the database.
  • Providers can just pick and attach the supporting information and send it to the payers, not unlike email.

The Patient Information Transaction Set (275) is an EDI transaction designed to carry attachments. Claim attachments, in the context of healthcare EDI, are supplemental electronic documents that provide additional medical information that cannot be accommodated within the claim format. Such as:

  • EEG’s
  • EKG’s
  • X-ray image,
  • Lab report,
  • Health Level-7(HL-7) report
  • Demographic, clinical and other supporting data that has an electronic representation can be attached as payload.

The HIPAA Claim Attachment Master allows healthcare entities to communicate individual patient information requests and patient information (either solicited or unsolicited) in a variety of formats consistent with confidentiality and use requirements.

Approved attachment formats supported by the 275 transactions:

  • Word
  • JPG
  • ZIP
  • PDF

The HIPAA Claim Attachment Master enables the user to send or receive EDI patient information attachments easily and securely, eliminating the need to send paper copies or use multiple software, which in turn reduces the administrative burden and optimizes the revenue cycle.


  • Send and receive electronic claim attachments.
  • Combine attachments into one transaction.
  • Communicate patient information in a HIPAA Compliant way.
  • Keep track of your attachments.
  • Streamline your workflow.
  • Eliminate paper copies

Try the 275 Claim Attachment Master now to see how quick and simple it is to use. Download the free trial today!

*Small healthcare companies can contact us to learn more about our Subscription Plans designed with Small to midsize companies in mind.


Features included with basic module:

Connect To Your Own Database

Save time and money with HIPAAsuite to improve business productivity. DB Connect feature connects with your database allowing you to work directly with your own database infrastructure.

Getting EDI data integrated with your system is the biggest task when adopting electronic processes. If you receive 275 files our HIPAA Claim Attachment Master will export that data plus the payload in a 275 EDI file and save it into your database. After that you will be able to apply your own processes and business rules.

If you send 275 claim attachment files, the HIPAA Claim Attachment Master will keep all your records in order, manage your trading partner relationships and securely transmit the file to the recipient. The 275 claim attachment is a very simple EDI transaction and does not require many fields.

Some of the fields included are:

  • Sender, recipient and send date
  • Bill provider
  • Patient
  • Claim ID
  • File format and Payload
  • And a few other fields that make up the 275

HIPAAsuite supports the following databases:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server Integrated Security
  • SQL Server versions 2008 and up
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • IBM DB2 
  • Advantage
  • Any other ODBC compliant database

Exchange 275 claim attachments right from your system by downloading the HIPAA Claim Attachment Master. Get a free trial now!


Make 275's

In manual mode, the user will start the transaction and enter the recipient, sender, and patient information. Then the user selects the file or files that will be included. The program packages it all into a 275 electronic transaction that is delivered via FTP, SOAP or MIME.

The recipient of a 275 will be able to read the transaction, extract the payload and save the record in a database for further use.

The HIPAA Claim Attachment Master handles everything related to EDI and with the optional EDI Exchange component, files will be checked for HIPAA compliance. If any HIPAA Compliance errors are found, files will be withheld from processing. Acceptance by all trading partners is guaranteed.


Create PDF's

PDF is the preferred format for many documents. PDFs are fairly secure and the information in them is hard to alter.

The HIPAA Claim Attachment Master can create a PDF from the record of the attachments, including the payload. This keeps all the information in a humanly readable format. And it can then be filed away together with other, hand-delivered, and scanned attachments.


EDI Exchange

Eliminate rejected EDI transactions. Let only data into your system that has been checked for HIPAA compliance with our HIPAA EDI Exchange module. No more "garbage in, garbage out".

Discover how you can manage EDI file Transport:

  • Benefit from HIPAA compliance checks.
  • Confidently manage your whole EDI protocol with acknowledgements and security. (many of your trading partners will require this)
  • Log all your EDI exchanges and automate your process.

EDI File Transport - Sends and receives EDI files via the File Transport Protocol (FTP). The application supports all variations of this protocol: FTP, sFTP and FTPs (implicit and explicit). PGP encryption is supported.

HIPAA Compliance Check - It has a built-in EDI HIPAA compliance engine. All incoming and outgoing EDI files are checked for HIPAA compliance. A detailed report is created for every compliance issue. Transactions that are in violation will be held back based on HIPAA rules.

EDI Acknowledgements - It creates TA1 and 999 EDI Acknowledgement files when a trading partner wants to receive them.

Trading Partner Management - Keep track of multiple trading partners with their identifiers and configurations.

Automation - Integrates with any scheduler to allow automated processing. Gets files from trading partners, decrypts, checks for HIPAA compliance and calls the appropriate HIPAAsuite application for further processing.

Logs - Incoming and outgoing EDI files are logged with compliance check results stored in the database. Troubleshooting is easy with a daily log that lists all activities and error messages.
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HIPAA Claim Payment Master

Add This Product To Your Configuration

Handle Payment with the HIPAA Claim Payment Master. HIPAA Claim Payment Master brings you to the next level:

  • Create 835 payment advice transactions
  • Pay your claims with ACH
  • View and understand 835 EDI files
  • Export and save 835 EDI files
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