HIPAA EDI Exchange

HIPAA EDI Exchange

Eliminate rejected EDI transactions.

Let only data into your system that has been checked for HIPAA compliance with our HIPAA EDI Exchange module. No more "garbage in, garbage out". Discover how you can manage EDI file Transport:

  • Benefit from HIPAA compliance checks.
  • Confidently manage your whole EDI protocol with acknowledgements and security.
    (many of your trading partners will require this)
  • Log all your EDI exchanges and automate your process.


The exchange of information between computers happens along certain protocols. In practice the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is used in almost all cases. The transfer has to be secure, so messages or transports are usually encrypted. EDI relies on certified delivery of documents and therefor uses acknowledgement transactions like TA1 or 999. All file exchanges should be logged for documentation purposes. Each trading partner has their own requirements and parameters for sending and receiving files.

Our HIPAA EDI Exchange was built to support all of those needs. This EDI front end application is included in all our HIPAAsuite products, but you have to purchase a license separately in order to have access to its features.

EDI File Transport - Sends and receives EDI files via the File Transport Protocol (FTP). The application supports all variations of this protocol: FTP, sFTP and FTPs (implicit and explicit). PGP encryption is supported.

HIPAA Compliance Check - It has a built-in EDI HIPAA compliance engine. All incoming and outgoing EDI files are checked for HIPAA compliance. A detailed report is created for every compliance issue. Transactions that are in violation will be held back based on HIPAA rules.

EDI Acknowledgements - It creates TA1 and 999 EDI Acknowledgement files when a trading partner wants to receive them.

Trading Partner Management - Keep track of multiple trading partners with their identifiers and configurations.

Automation - Integrates with any scheduler to allow automated processing. Gets files from trading partners, decrypts, checks for HIPAA compliance and calls the appropriate HIPAAsuite application for further processing.

Logs - Incoming and outgoing EDI files are logged with compliance check results stored in the database. Troubleshooting is easy with a daily log that list all activities and error messages.



FTP, the File Transport Protocol is the preferred method of exchanging EDI files between trading partners.

HIPAA EDI Exchange supports the following versions of FTP:

  • Traditional FTP
  • FTP secure or FTPs (Implicit and Explicit)
  • Secure Shell FTP or sFTP

A built-in FTP client makes it easy to navigate around your trading partners FTP servers and exchange files manually.

CORE II rules implemented a new exchange method using SOAP and XML. Our HIPAA RealTime Server integrates with EDI Exchange and allows you to implement the CORE II rules. Reduce costs and offer real-time transactions to providers.

HIPAA rules prescribe a very tight privacy and security requirements. Encryption is one of the preferred methods of protecting data. HIPAA EDI Exchange supports PGP.

Seamlessly works with the following software applications:

  • PGP Desktop
  • GPG4Win

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Compliance with HIPAA EDI rules is an essential part in the exchange of EDI files. In other industries like banking and telecommunications, there is no tolerance for bad EDI files. The healthcare industry is new to EDI and unfortunately, HIPAA compliance is difficult. The truth is that many HIPAA EDI files are truly bad.

All of these are the most common EDI errors:

  • Syntax errors
  • Omitted loops
  • Missing elements
  • Format errors

Without a true analysis who knows what data ends up in your system. Our HIPAA EDI Exchange has a built-in compliance engine that analyzes each incoming and outgoing EDI file. It scans each line and element with a detailed report on the quality of each EDI file. We’re improving the quality of data with our products within the healthcare industry.

You also have the option to reject files that have errors to make sure only the flawless files get accepted and go through processing.

Check Outgoing Files - EDI Exchange can check your outgoing EDI files. Many HIPAAsuite products provide the capability to create EDI files from your database. Checking these files for EDI compliance is crucial in providing good EDI files in a consistent manner. You can even withhold individual records from the EDI file if they don't pass the compliance check.

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Having one trading partner makes EDI file management easy to organize, but when you start to expand and have multiple trading partners things become quickly overwhelming with the various preferences each partner will have.

Keeping track of your partners preferences is impossible when you must organize all of the following:

  • Identifiers in all levels
  • Encryption keys
  • FTP configurations
  • Organizing EDI files

Trading partner management allows HIPAA EDI Exchange to automatically:

  • Connect to trading partners
  • Look for and download new files
  • Decrypt files
  • Check for HIPAA compliance
  • Pass them on for further processing

When you have hundreds of thousands of EDI files it is crucial to trust in your software and keep them organized.

Choose from one of our HIPAA EDI software solutions and add the HIPAA EDI Exchange software to your shopping cart. See the Products now

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