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HIPAA Eligibility Checker - Setup and Database Connection

This video shows the configuration of the database for the HIPAA Eligibility Checker. The database keeps track of all 270 requests and returned 271 results.

HIPAA Eligibility Checker - Sending Requests and Receiving Responses

This video shows the work place grid. Once you have created your 276 claim status request, you have to send it to the carrier to receive an answer. This video goes in detail through the process of sending requests and receiving 271 responses with the HIPAA Eligibility Checker.

HIPAA Eligibility Checker - Using the work place grid to keep track of your requests

This video describes how to use the work place grid to manage open eligibility requests, send 270 files to trading partners and receive 271 eligibility response files with the HIPAA Eligibility Checker and access features such as viewing raw EDI.

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